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JudulPengaruh Budaya Kerja Terhadap Kinerja Pegawai Kantor Bank Indonesia Palembang.
Jumlah Bab5
PengarangEddy Sukarman
PembimbingDr. Hj. Zunaidah, Msi
Dr.Agustina Hanafi, MBA
Kata KunciCorporate Culture, Performance
KonsentrasiManajemen SDM
Bentuk MediaTEXT
bidang usahaKonsultan
Tahun Terbit2007
Tempat TerbitPalembang
Kolasixiii, 131 hal. : il., tab. : 28 cm.
CatatanANOTASI : In a state structure of Republic of indonesia, Bank of Indonesia’is an independent state enterprise in running its function as a national monetery authority. Bank of Indonesia has challenging tasks and role in the banking arena in Indonesia. Thus, Bank of Indonesia must put its best effort to optimize the employees’ performance to achieve all goals that has been set. Regarding the employees’ performance improvement, it is closely related to human resources development. To have high integrity and professional employees, an organization must have a set of standards as benchmarks . These benchmarks serve as corporate’s culture which guides the employees to improve their performance systematically. Thus, performance improvement will be attained. This study aims to display the effect of corporate culture at Bank of Indonesia ,Palembang office .the total number of subjects in this study is 60 people. In this study, descriptive research method is employed . There are two variables in this study, indevendent variable, i.e : corporate culture, and dependent variable, i.e : performance. Corporate culture is measured using questionnaires where as performance is measured using scaled performance criteria. Corporate culture questionnaires consist of five aspects : competence (X1) , integrity (X¬2), transparency (X3), accountability (X4), and togetherness (X5). Scaled performance criteria measure two aspects : achievement ( Quantity, quality, time and risk ) and work behavior (self improvement, Integrity, trust building, professionalism, teamwork) Multiple regression analysis is employed in this study to analyze data. The result shows that corporate culture have a significant impact towards performance. The higher the employees understand corporate culture values, the better performance shown. Transparency value (X3) gives a dominant impacts over all. From this study ,it is expected that each employee at Bank of Indonesia , Palembang office, has a good understanding towards corporate culture valuees so that performance can also be improved. It is important as Bank of Indonesia is the central Bank that has a strategic role to control national banking
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